The trusted link between a Brand and a Charity (cause)

An important part of what we do is the role of a mediator between a brand and a charity (cause). 

cid8 helps a brand align with the right charity partner and look at ways for the brand to maximize their appreciated support of a cause.

Likewise for a charity, we look at how best to leverage what is in a brands hand to generate funds for worthy causes.

In every project we look towards a WIN WIN for all parties involved...the brand, the charity, the consumer and most importantly, the cause.  


     Benefits to a Brand

  • Increased Brand Loyalty
  • Increased Sales
  • New Markets
  • Positive Social Speak (Social Media)
  • Staff Retention
  • Breakthrough Promotions
  • Shared Marketing Costs
  • Leverage from the Charity Partner
  • Database


     Benefits to a Charity

  • Funds
  • New Givers
  • Canvass to Share your Story
  • Awareness
  • Leverage from the Brand Partner
  • Innovative & Captivating Campaigns
  • Database

Increasing Charity Fundraising Through
Cause Related "Ideation"

  • Creativity that inspires more people to make contributions
  • Reaching donors with a combination of communication tools including the latest digital technology
  • Enriching charity relationships - with their partners and supporters 
  • Raising the profile of not for profit organisations and their causes

Ideation. [v] 1. the process of developing fresh and imaginative ideas which effectively communicate a call to action to their audience,
2. utilising the latest communication tools in today's digital (online) environment.

Building Better Partnerships For Charities & Foundations

Cid8 is all about empowering charities and not for profit organisations and foundations so that they can expand their operations and bring positive change to more people, quicker.

We achieve this through highly creative fundraising campaigns which increase the size and contributions of the donor base.

It's more than just "having a good idea". We understand how to get the most out of the digital communication tools which reach people of various ages as they go about their daily life.

Using the latest (Internet-"cloud"-Smartphone-tablet based) innovations we can raise the profile of a charity or foundation and its cause

and inspire people to want to support it. We can motivate them to become "ambassadors" of a cause by further spreading the message to their social networks (viral media). We complement this activity with non-digital marketing methods for greater effect.

"Ideation" helps charities to build stronger partnerships with their existing business sponsors and donor base as well as form new partnerships with first-time donors. And, it begins with a partnership of trust between you
and Cid8.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”.

Mother Teresa