Inspired By A Desire For Change In Our World

  • Share A Common Vision 
  • Passionate About Making a Positive Difference  

Cid8 is a group of experienced creatives, communicators, strategists and support staff who have each been delivering successful outcomes for businesses across a range of markets.

The team came together with a common desire to use their expertise to bring positive change to our world. To see an acceleration of the good work being achieved by charities and not for profit foundations and organisations. 


This is much more than lip service - it is our culture. A part of our value system. Each one of the Cid8 team has been donating to charities and foundations for many years. A number of them have taken part in hands-on charity work here and overseas.  

We are givers...and we want to birth a culture of giving in society.

"Everything that is done in the world is done by hope". Martin Luther